video poem for the piece Limestone Dales – one of the poems from the sequence The Song of Ondine.

This poem was filmed on location at various waterfalls around the Yorkshire Dales. The waterfalls of the Yorkshire Dales have long had associations with water spirits and elementals. It would be highly surprising if Ondine were not to be found hiding out behind one of these beautiful features of the limestone landscape.



A Breath (A Stream) – video poem


A video poem of the piece A Breath (A Stream). This video poem was filmed in the summer of 2013, and is of the upper reaches of the River Wharfe (Yorkshire Dales National Park, England). It is one of a series of video poems which I am making to accompany my 14 line poetry.


If you’d like to read the poem, the following link will take you there:

However, if you’d rather, you can click the youtube commentary box (bottom right of the video poem) and it will bring up the English “subtitles”. Just click it again to remove them. This facility doesn’t appear to work on Kindle, for some reason.





The Song of Ondine is a video poem by film maker Rowan Minnis to accompany the poem by thecheesewolf (aka Gavin Jones). The written series for this video poem can be found at:


poetry copyright Gavin Jones 2012
video poem copyright Rowan Minnis and Gavin Jones 2013