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This is the audio and visual site of thecheesewolf (aka Gavin Jones). On here – generally through the menu up top – you will find videos, still images, sound clips of work either by, or influenced by, thecheesewolf’s poetry. You will also find translations of his poems by rather talented poets in various corners of the globe. Please do follow the links to their sites which you will find dotted around this site.

thecheesewolf (aka Gavin Jones) is a poet/musician/artist/writer/birdwatcher/tutor based in Craven on the borders of the English counties of Lancashire and North Yorkshire. He has lived in many corners of these isles (and beyond) and is impressed by how tolerant folk have been towards him considering. He greatly enjoys letting visual artists, musicians, other writers etc. use his writing for kicking off ideas of their own. Please feel free, but do show him what you’ve done, and he’d love to know how you develop your ideas, and what it is you responded to.


For thecheesewolf’s written poetry, visit If you’d like to read a biography of thecheesewolf, then head over to Poetry United’s “Life of a Poet” page, HERE.


Finally, a short note on the name “thecheesewolf”… well, cheese wolf was a song by the rather marvelous “outsider” band The Tinklers. I just liked it. Simple as that really. Eventually I changed it to thecheesewolf, which I felt had distinction. And so that is how it has stayed. To hear The Tinklers in action, here is thecheesewolf promoting Cheese Wolf. Life, eh… CLINK HERE!






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